The journal is jointly published by the Department of South Asian and Slavonic Languages and Cultures of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Franciszek Karpiński Institute of Regional Culture and Literary Research / Instytut Kultury Regionalnej i Badań Literackich im. Franciszka Karpińskiego (Poland). MIRGOROD is a Russian-language peer-reviewed journal which publishes original articles, theme-bound sections, interviews with prominent literary scholars, book reviews and advertisements.

The journal’s profile is defined by three interrelated topics:

> the epistemology of contemporary literary studies: conceptions of literature in the context of sciences and humanities, as   well as against the background of everyday notions of literature, anthropology and science
> literary theory: its history, current state and future
> the problem of a common language and terminology of literary scholarship.

MIRGOROD is published two times a year (starting from 2015).

Copies of individual issues may be requested and purchased from the publisher (email: mirgorod.inibi@gmail.com).

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